Falcon Hight School, Colorado

Start Date: 10/10/2019


We were called to Falcon High School to help send off the kids before fall break. Many of these kids have very difficult home life and school is their one place where there is structure and safety. Falcon High School has had a lot of tragedies in the past and we have a great working relationship with them. The dogs also help relieve the stressors of school life.
We did have one student that had spent several years in a halfway house and has not seen or touched a dog in years. The staff member who was with him, stated that it was amazing to see him interacting with the dog. Many of the students recognized the dogs and at times there were long lines just to see the dogs. We also had another kid who had met one of the dogs at another facility and he was so impressed that the dog was able to visit with him at school.

Agency: Falcon High School

Shirley Abbott & Lyrrik, Dawn Griebeauer & Keeper