FEMA - Office of Mitigation - Seasonal Staff Party

Start Date: 2019/12/19

Description: This was their seasonal staff party. The staff had been told that if they were "good", they would be getting a special "treat". As they were finishing eating, we were that "treat". These offices are located in the buildings addressed as 400 C Street, S.W., D.C. The FEMA National Resource Coordination Center, and the other emergency and disaster support personnel that we typically work with, are in 500 C Street. (We parking in the basement, and 500 C elevator is over here, and 400 C elevator is over there.) While we had not visited that office, and not often that side of the complex, it was heart warming, and had to be impressive to those that were escorting us, when person after person recognized us and stopped to say "hello", tell us how much they and their agency appreciated our work, on and on. One woman came into the party, who knew us from when she work at the Washington Navy Yard. It is GREAT to have fan clubs!!!

Agency: FEMA - Office of Mitigation
Teams: Shellie Goldstein and Emma