Funeral in Kalamazoo, MI for Officer Ryan Proxmire killed in the line of duty

Start Date: 08/22/2021


Ryan Proxmire of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff Office was shot and killed in the line of duty. The End of Watch was August 15, 2021.
Angie Moe & Sunny paved the way for our presence in Kalamazoo during this crisis. She made the initial contact with several members in the community. Angie & Sunny were with the immediate family in the morning during the private funeral and the procession to the memorial service. Contacts at the funeral home included the officer's widow, his parents, and other relatives; sheriff department reps, funeral home staff; but most poignantly, the 4 year old niece of the fallen officer (and her mother, officer's sister).

The memorial service was held at Miller Auditorium on Western Michigan University’s campus. We were greeted by a representative of the W.M.U. Police Department for an outline of the day and an orientation of the facility by the Assistant Director of Patron Services. We were staged in a VIP room to store our gear and establish a “home base” at the arena. We were invited by the Victim Services Unit of Kalamazoo at the initial briefing to be available should anyone in attendance need some private time with our dogs in a VIP room. The capacity of the auditorium is 3,500. An estimated 1,200 police officers were present. Police Departments from as far away as New York, Chicago, Indiana, Boston, Dallas and Winnipeg were present. This is not a complete list of agencies in attendance.
Our teams were present as the procession filed into the auditorium and were able to sit in the audience during the service. Some of the most powerful interactions were simply a pet with no words spoken during such a solemn event. We were visible as visitors exited the auditorium. Teams were available at the conclusion of the ceremony outside for the Pipe and Drum Procession, Taps and Firing Party. Contacts at the memorial service included officers from various departments in the pre-memorial lineup, spouses of sheriff deputies, CISM team members and funeral home staff.

Agency: Kalamazoo County Sherriff's Office

Angie Moe & Sunny, Kay Rice & Mia, Katy Davis & Sunny, Carrie Jones & Darby, Gloria VanAlstine & Juliet, Becky Engelter & Ella, Janel Zuranski & Gossamer