Funeral of Key American Red Cross Disaster Lead

Start Date: 07/26/2019


The Disaster Program Manager for the Valdosta Chapter of the American Red Cross (ARC) died suddenly and unexpectedly. He was a long time employee and was greatly loved by many people. His funeral was attended by a relatively large number of ARC personnel, including many leaders of the Georgia Region. This was a full military funeral at the Andersonville National Cemetery (for veterans). It was extremely hot and three shots we're fired by the honor guard. Many of the attendees, mostly immediate family, friends and ARC personnel, interacted with Butterscotch. They expressed appreciation that Butterscotch attended the funeral. Many had met her in previous disaster deployments and ARC meetings. The widow thanked us profusely and said that Butterscotch made her day! Several of the military personnel present (about 8 individuals) happily interacted with Butterscotch.

We used the opportunity to interact with the new Regional Disaster Officer (in charge of all Georgia disaster activities) and provide a brochure and contact information. We told her HOPE AACR had Georgia and other teams around the southeast that were available to assist in future disaster opportunities.

Agency: American Red Cross

Bill Hatherley and Butterscotch