Great Hearts Academy - 7th grader suicide

Start Date: 2022-03-21

Description: A 7th grade student committed suicide over the weekend and HOPE was asked to come to the school to offer support to students and staff. The headmaster and counselors were very flexible with time and told me they would take teams whenever we were available. I posted request to band, and Wendy and Stella (she will provide her own report since she and Stella were there before us) responded they could deploy in the late morning. Evelyn and I had a morning event at ASU downtown and drove to the school after we finished at ASU. Evelyn and I were taken to a small library where counselors had students at various tables talking to them. When we walked in, I feel we interrupted the tables, but in a good way. A crowd immediately gathered around Evelyn and you could feel the sadness in the room lift. Several students STARTED crying when they saw Evelyn, almost releasing feelings they had bottled up inside. It was very emotional. The student was in the 7th grade, but a group of Seniors (12h grade) came in and laid down next to and around Evelyn. Before we knew it, I think the entire 12th grade class was in the room. When a new student would approach the circle that was created around Evelyn, Evelyn instinctively walked over to him/her almost knowing she/he needed to be greeted. Wendy called me after she had left and relayed to me her experience and what to expect - I appreciated that, especially the play dough on the floor :-) I was asked if we could supply teams for the following day.

Agency: Great Hearts Academy (school)
Teams: none