Great Oak High School E15 Minutes Program

Start Date: 04/25/2019


April 25th and April 26th was Great Oak High School Every 15 Minutes Program. Linda and Calvin and Michelle and Sundance arrived at GOHS at 8:30am on April 25th where we met at the command center (Performing Arts Center) to meet Dawn Roppe. We then accompanied the Grim Reaper to several student classrooms and then walked the “living dead” to the PAC.
The crash scene began at 10:00am. The crash left three dead (1 was the tow truck driver) and two injured. The dead were transported to the morgue. One student was transported to the hospital via Life Flight. One student was transported to the hospital via ambulance. The driver that caused the crash was arrested for drunk driving.
After the crash scene, all participants were invited to lunch in the PAC. Then at 2:00pm all involved students were transported via bus to one of two field trips to the jail or to the mortuary. At 5:00 pm the students met up at the Pechanga Government Center for dinner them returned to Pechanga Casino Hotel for the evening program.
TIP and HOPE made presentations to the group followed by Guest Speakers: Juan Carbajal, Bruce Pierson, Allison Pace (DA), Joseph Cristinzani (Senior Investigator) and Ymasumac-Maranon Davis. The final exercise was for the students to write a letter to their parents. During this time, the Hope dogs were walking around comforting the students.
April 26th- the assembly was held at 10:00am. The HOPE dogs were seated in the parent section. Introductions were made followed by a video depicting the previous day car crash and events. Then came the presentation of guest speakers, parent’s letters and student letters to their parents. The assembly ended approximately at 11:30am at which time all participants and their families were invited to the PAC for lunch. Many interactions occurred with the HOPE dogs and participants following the assembly and in the luncheon area.
We left the school about 2:00pm.

Agency: Great Oak High School

Michelle Ray and Sundance