Helicopter crash related student death

Start Date: 01/28/2020


HOPE was asked to deploy to St. Margaret’s Episcopal School. One of their students, and her mother, a Board member had died in the helicopter crash that also took Kobe Bryant. The girl, a 8th grader and her twin 10th grade brothers attend the school. This deployment covered four days. Upon arrival every day, the trams were spilt between the lower school, middle school and upper school. There were teams in the counselors office at all times. They first two days found the students to be distraught. There was no down time and breaks for the dogs had to be carved out. As the week went on, it was apparent that the students were adjusting to the loss. Fewer and fewer students were in the counseling office. On Friday, things were very slow, as we only saw students on their breaks and at lunch. It was apparent to us that the dogs were doing their jobs well. All students were very polite and appreciative, collectin and sharing the cards. Pet partners dogs and mini horses were also there each day. For the most part, they respected our request to stay separated. It was extremely rewarding to see how much help the dogs were to the most affected students. This was especially true for me as this is my home church.

Agency: St. Margaret’s Episcopal School

Tammy Basile and Colt, Nancy Coronado and Newberry, Bari Bosma and Star, Grace Chen and Bagel, LaWana and Robbi, Jan Avon and Muffin, Susan Harris and Dakota