Kalamazoo Township Police Wellness Visit

Start Date: 08/18/2021


Following the line of duty death of Deputy Ryan Proxmire in Kalamazoo County on August 14, the chief of police of Kalamazoo Township reached out to us to request a brief visit to their headquarters during shift change on Aug. 18. Sunny and I met the Township Chief, Bryan Ergang, two years ago during a local domestic violence summit for which we were providing support. Chief Ergang found the contact information I shared with him at that time and thought, given the interconnections between his office and the county sheriff, that a visit may help decompress and comfort his officers. Many of them knew Deputy Proxmire and some were on scene during the incident. We were warmly welcomed by Chief Ergang upon our arrival and led through the police station. We visited with many officers and support staff, as well as meeting various Township administrators. We spent significant time with a particular sargeant who admitted he was very exhausted, having pretty much been at the station 24/7 since the weekend, and really appreciated having some downtime with Sunny. Our time was well spent and the Chief showed his appreciation by giving us the Department's "challenge coin".

Agency: Kalamazoo Township Police Department