Lakewood Resource Center

Start Date: 2021-12-29

Description: This was the opening day at the Resource Center in response to the shooting that occurred in Lakewood on Monday--5 killed, 2 wounded. Few people are yet aware of the Center, so we interacted with the victim advocates and mental health professional and at their suggestion, Grace, Lee, and I walked down the block providing Resource Center material and offering support. Several of those working in the area witnessed the shooting or are traumatized by it hitting so close to them. They were happy to learn of the center and to see Grace. We also went across the street to the Hyatt Hotel where the hotel clerk was killed to offer Grace's support. We were surprised to find some 8 dogs in the lobby surrounded by several people petting them. The manager said that a friend of one of the staff was a service dog trainer and those dogs and owners came with her. He said some were puppies and still in training. Of course, Lee and I were amazed and we left, recognizing the possible danger and not wanting to get involved with mostly untrained, uninsured, dogs. We mentioned the situation to the victim's advocates at the center and hope that the manager will be informed of the trouble that could occur with a bunch of untrained dogs, especially interacting with trauma victims. How awful if a victim was bitten, adding insult to injury. We didn't feel it was our place to talk with the manager.

Agency: Lakewood Victims Advocacy & Police Department
Teams: Lee Fernholz & Grace