Memorial Service for Lily and Weston

Start Date: 2021-10-09

Description: Lily, age 13, and her brother Weston, age 9, were killed in a car accident on October 3rd. Their memorial service was held at Bridger Bowl. The service began at 2 and ended at 3:30. Kate, (family friend) met us and directed us to go to a patio just outside of the room where the service was held. Maggie and I circulated around the patio. Many of Lily and Weston's friends and schoolmates were there. They were anxious to meet and pet Maggie. When the room inside had been cleared of chairs and food was available for those attending, Harry, Maggie and I went inside. Many children and adults approached us and spent time hugging and petting Maggie.We were thanked numerous times for being there. It was well known that Lily loved dogs and Weston loved his turtle. Kate asked us to take a moment and meet the children's parents. This was the most emotional moment for me. The father bent down and hugged Maggie as his tears flowed. The mother also was moved by our presence and spent some time petting Maggie. Grief and sadness permeated this large group of children and adults - with many hugs and tears everywhere you looked. You could feel the heaviness of people's grief. After an hour I knew Maggie was getting tired and we needed to leave. We thanked Kate for inviting us and then Harry, Maggie and I made our way outside.

Agency: HOPE
Teams: None