Mitchell High School Wellness Week, Colorado

Start Date: 10/02/2019


HOPE was asked to support students over two lunch periods as part of their wellness week. Different positive activities were planned each day (nutrition, crafts, HOPE dogs, yoga) to hopefully help suicide prevention. Maria, our contact, said the students were "pumped" to see the dogs - it would be the highlight of their week. The students were very receptive and appreciative. On this subject, Dawn and Keeper had an interesting experience. Keeper is terrified of bees. We met with the students in an outside courtyard that had bees. The students would see Keeper shaking and ask Dawn if her dog was cold. Dawn explained that Keeper was afraid of bees, and then she watched these kids become exceptionally caring and concerned. As Dawn said: "a Disadvantage turned into an Advantage".
A fun note: Sandy Miller enjoyed visiting her alma mater

Agency: Mitchell High School

Lee Fernholz & Grace, Dawn Griebelbauer & Keeper, Karen Klein & Sarah