Operation Purple

Start Date: 2019/06/30

Description: Participate in Operation Purple in Ellensburg, WA with one other team. There were about 60 kids at camp ranging in age from 9-12 years old. For some it was their first overnight camp experience (as it was for Rowdy and me also). Rowdy and I arrived just after noon on Sunday, June 30, 2019, and helped greet families and campers as they went through various stations to sign into camp. Rowdy and I left around lunch time on Tuesday, June 2. We participated in many activities from morning chapel, to eating with the campers, archery, watching military groups blow up watermelons with dry ice and water, running obstacle courses and short hikes around the camp. Rowdy's trick of high five was well received by the campers and he got to high five a lot of people and he loved every minute of it! We were called upon to help kids who were not happy with the loud exploding watermelon noises as well as those who were having some difficulties adjusting to life away from their families. The counselors and other adults at the camp appreciated the dogs as much as the kids. We encountered a Dad at sign-in that was missing his Labrador that he had to leave behind when he relocated to Washington state and who was happy to pet Rowdy and let Rowdy lean against him.

Teams: Lia Bjsterveld and Halley