Orange Coast College (coach death)

Start Date: 01/28/2020


At about 11:30 am, we received a call to respond to OCC to help comfort the baseball players due to the tragic death of their coach. The coach, his wife and daughter had been killed, the day before, in a helicopter crash. We were asked to comfort the players, and staff, before practice. HOPE Teams started to arrive at about 12:15 pm. We were warmly greeted by the POC and staff. Teams were allowed to mingle with the team in the dugout. I also met with the Dean of OCC and the father of the coach who was killed. They were all very appreciative of our presence. Once the team started their practice, HOPE members left.

Agency: Orange Coast College

Jan Aven and Muffin, Kathy Lowmiller and Mariah, Jan Horsfield and Kiss