Orange County Fire Authority Dispatch

Start Date: 05/18/2019


We were asked by the OCFA Division Commander to visit with the OCFA dispatchers after a couple of weeks of tough calls. We arrived at about 5:45 pm. While waiting in the parking lot for our POC to arrive, we took some pictures of the teams at the gorgeous bronze statute honoring the firefighters. When our POC arrived, he thought it was hilarious with us trying to get the 5 dogs to stay put in order to get the pictures. Our POC escorted us up to the dispatch center. We were greeted by some very excited and appreciative dispatchers, one of which had been on duty on Wednesday when the first round of HOPE dogs visited, so she definitely had to get all of our trading cards to complete her set (for now). We spent the next 2 hours visiting with both the day shift and night shift dispatch crews. It was extremely interesting hearing their stories of what happens on their shifts, how long their shifts can be, how they share the duties, and of course about their own animals. About 1930 hours while we were still on site, a call came in that one of the dispatchers that had just left the center at end of shift, had been in an auto accident on the way home - luckily she was not injured, so everyone took a deep breath.

Agency: OC Fire Authority

LaWana Heald & Robby; Katherine Jarrett & Teddy; Jan Aven & Cha Cha; Bari Boersma & Star