Panorama Middle School, Colorado

Start Date: 10/21/2019


HOPE teams were requested to be available to this school following a student death the previous week. This school is also a school that Karen Klein volunteers with so it has a special attachment. Many students are at risk and special needs students. The teams were escorted to the classroom of the deceased student. Most of the students were unaware of this student's passing. Mr. Goetz announced to the students of this unfortunate, tragic, and very sad event. A few students comprehended the news and a few others did not. Mr. Goetz allowed time for questions and processing. He then showed a video and allowed the students to be somewhat flexible. One student in particular was really interested in the dogs. Other students not so much. Then Lee and Grace were taken to another classroom where there were more interactions with students. After a short while Lucas and I joined Lee and Grace. Lee and Grace were taken to another classroom with mainly students who are autistic. Lee reported many interactions in that room. Many students and staff seemed to enjoy and appreciate the dogs. From there we were taken into the counseling office where we mostly interacted with staff. There were 2 students that spent a fair amount of time with us and seemed to very much enjoy the dogs. We received many thanks and much appreciation for supporting the school during this difficult time.

Agency: Panorama Middle School

Lee Fernholz & Grace