Reynolds Middle School

Start Date: 2022-02-23

Description: Due to sever behavioral problems (bullying/fights) to the point of closing the school for two weeks in December, we were asked to assist 100 7th graders for an hour or so after a planned event called Challenge Day scheduled for three days in February. This event was put on to help ease emotional tension at the school. Due to bad weather, the school was closed on one of the days so we visited for two days, Feb. 23rd and 25th. We met in the gymnasium where we were greeted by 100 excited kids. Jazzi, thanks to years of experience, took it all in stride interacting with a smile and a wag going from kid to kid. Some of the kids stayed near us the entire time while others hung back just watching then getting up the courage to come and pet and engage with Jazzi. There was one little boy that was fearful but curious so I assured him she would give him space but I noticed he was taking it all in and just looking at her was enough. This is a very ethnic and economically diverse group of students who live in a school district with limited resources, so I was very honored to share Jazzi with these kind and well-behaved kiddos. I am hoping the staff observing us saw the benefit of our visit and word gets out how this work can be very effective to child welfare. This was a difficult environment at best for any dog, but once again, Jazzi worked her magic and felt she truly made a difference.

Agency: Reynolds School District
Teams: None