Spruce Canyon Fire Camp

Start Date: 2021-07-27

Description: I happened upon the fire camp while driving through Colville, WA. I was not in HOPE attire. I searched out those in charge and asked if they would be interested in me coming to visit with a couple of HOPE dogs each days. The response was very positive. I visited then even though I wasn't in attire. Then I came back at night and met the IC. This time I was in uniform and the dog has been bathed. I continued coming each day from 0530 to 0630, The firefighters were missing their dogs which they had to leave at home. I have two HOPE dogs and I alternated between them. I was there 6/7 days. I was there for morning briefings and one day was introduced as to who I was and what I was there for. I stopped by another fire camp in the same place a couple of years ago. The response was not nearly was positive as it was this time. I was told by a couple of firefighters that this was the highlight of their day. I've taught my dogs hand signals. I know the Spanish for sit, lie down and shake. There were several Spanish speaking firemen who got a big kick out of my dogs "knowing " Spanish.

Agency: fire camp incident commander and other staff in charge of the fire camp
Teams: none