Supporting CSPD at ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Training/Work event, Colorado

Start Date: 07/25/2019


CSPD requested our support at this ICAC training/work session where Detectives/Investigators from our local department along with Officers from surrounding states were tasked with categorizing images of child victims (approximately 59 million nationwide). This week long meeting was taking place simultaneously with agencies across the country including the FBI. In addition to mental health professionals, massage therapists, and a stress relief/break/snack room, HOPE was asked to bring our four-footed angels to help relieve the 'vicarious trauma' to attendees at this incredibly difficult assignment.

Our HOPE dogs were enthusiastically welcomed and loved on by event organizers, attendees, support staff, hotel staff and profession specific vendors as well. In spite of the oppressive nature of this event, once the officers reached the break/stress relief room, nearly all were ready and open to the lighter atmosphere at sight of the dogs as they entered the room. Hardly a person could walk past without touching a dog and many of them just sat on the floor with them and soaked up their love. It was a privilege and extremely touching to witness their affect transformation. One Officer in conversation with Ann and me said "I can't describe it, but like yesterday with Lucas, Grace and Roxie, we'd pet them and they would absorb all the negativity." His face softened as he spoke relating his experience to us. I could never count the number of times "Thank You for being here" was heard throughout the day.

In debriefing with Ann and Joetta, we all were struck with how many networking opportunities presented themselves among the organizers we spoke to. Near the end of the day and after learning a little more about HOPE, they all were led to opportunities to utilize us and we felt confident we'd get requests in the future.

Agency: CSPD Technical Investigations

Ann Ringler and Kara, Shirley Abbott and Lyrrik, Joetta Graner-Smith TL