Whittier Elementary School sudden death

Start Date: 02/16/2021


The principal, had been killed in an avalanche on Sunday so we were called for both the staff and the kids for Tuesday; there was no school on President's Day. When I arrived only the staff and resource folks from other schools were there. Of course everyone wore masks. There was a lot of emotion and Lamar was greatly appreciated. Two special ed. teachers had their dogs as well. There were no problems. The kids started arriving around 8:15 , all masked as well, and many wondered why Lamar was there but loved him anyway. Their teachers broke the news and many of the kids had not known about his sudden death, although some of the older ones did. I walked around the school, into classrooms, as instructed, and the kids were so happy he was there. He got so many pets, hugs and belly rubs. Some of the kids were distraught and crying; they were brought to a separate room where Lamar and I joined them until they were ready to go back to class. It was such a sad day but I'm so glad we went. I think we made a difference.

Agency: Bozeman Public Schools

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