Community Disaster Preparedness Day

Start Date: 2021-10-23

Description: Wonderful community event held in the parking lot of the local Walmart. The HOPE dogs are always a hit and bring a smile to the public and to all the other emergency preparedness organization members. A lot of the members in attendance remember our dogs and make a point in coming up to visit us again. For example, one of the Marine handlers for the military working dog came up and said is that Gunner? He wanted to acknowledge the important service we provide with our dogs. We continue to make HOPE’s name known for the relief organization that support the residents of the Morongo Valley plus the county of San Bernardino. The city of Yucca Valley presented their city pins to the HOPE dogs for their vests. Star and WallE had gone over early to the city table and were presented their pins. Later in the day a representative from the city came over specifically to give Gunner and Kelda theirs, they did not want to miss any of the dogs! The Community Emergency Response Team “CERT” talked to us about giving their members a presentation about HOPE AACR and we will follow up with them to make this happen. We interacted with about 200 folks.

Agency: Event
Teams: Constance Howell & Kelda, Katherine Priest & WallE, Bari Boersma & Star