Family Unification, FEMA Tabletop

Start Date: 04/20/2022


This Virtual Tabletop Exercise (VTTX) was arranged with FEMA. We had four other states on at the same time. I must say Montana was the only state with a HOPE K9 team present! The four hour problem was how to set up a Family Unification Center after a large earthquake. It was great to hear back from other states on how they set up the center. Charlie Hanson our DES Director, in talking with the other states, stated how great it was to have a HOPE K9 Team present and I was so happy. Network , network! Of the 15 people in attendance, one was Billings new Public Information Office (PIO). That gave me the chance to give Mrs. Victoria Hill a packet about HOPE! I did put up the Montana HOPE poster. But to me, in any event the dog will ALWAYS make the difference!

Agency: Yellowstone County, MT LEPC

Carol Baumann and MAGGIE