Montana LEPC meeting by phone

Start Date: 11/12/2020


Meeting was primarily updates.
HOPE update: We are cautiously resuming some activity. I mentioned 2 Bridger Canyon fire and 2 Gallatin County Victim Services deployments.
Health Dept: will conduct a CASPER (Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response) survey with 112 households, to be repeated at 6 months.
Public Works: they are keeping separate crews so hopefully covid will not take all workers out.
Emergency Management: they have been active for 9 months.. Early strong leadership from governor provided time to organize.
Summer tourist season was not the vector anticipated. Social gatherings in small areas continue to be high risk.
We are presently at maximum risk level with possibility contact tracing will not be able to keep up.
State: has organized nursing support teams to be assigned where needed.. National Guard is helping with testing and tracing.
LEPC: working on THIRA(Threat and Hazard Identification &Risk Management) annual report to state. Very comprehensive.

Agency: LEPC