MAVOAD Meeting

Start Date: 2020/01/21

Description: Represented HOPE AACR at MAVOAD meeting. This meeting consisted mostly of a very long discussion on registering unaffiliated volunteers (to make them less spontaneous) on a website where VOAD member agencies interested in obtaining helpers could post opportunities and screen and vet volunteers. The MAVOAD chairman actually attended his first meeting since being elected in 2018. We voted in a Co-chair: Emily Mew from the Salvation Army, with whom I have worked in the past at resource recovery facilities—this is good. Puerto Rico evacuees now in Massachusetts were also discussed. It was reported that there are two families, 23 people, in the Springfield area under ARC care; and they have their dogs with them. A FEMA VOL reported 193 incomplete aid applications in MA but curiously indicated that was “fourth-hand information”. Issues are food and housing—people reportedly sleeping in cars.

Agency: MAVOAD
Teams: None