Meeting with IU5

Start Date: 2019/11/19

Description: Met with Dr Maynard in hopes of educating him on HOPE, how we differ from therapy dog teams and how we may be of assistance to the IU5. (The IU5 provides mental health services to 17 school districts in Northwest PA.) However Dr Maynard was already very familiar with HOPE due to a recent deployment to Cathedral Prep HighSchool in Erie,PA for a student death. He stated that he had heard nothing but exceptional experiences from his staff who worked with the HOPE teams as well as from school administration. He stated that he had already discussed with his staff the need to include HOPE in their crisis plans. He stated that all he needed was a to know was a contact name and number.

Agency: Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit 5 (IU5)
Teams: Judy Kosik and Mariah