Preparedness Fair CO

Start Date: 06/08/2019


We were asked to be part of the the Preparedness Fair held at a local middle school. I arrived and Serena, our team leader, had every thing in place we had a booth set up with flyers and our banner. There were other booths set up as well . We networked with some of the other agencies that were there.We visited with the people who came to the fair.
People from the area affected came in to listen to the mayor speak . The red cross had set up a shelter so people could see how it would work and what it would look like during a disaster. The Humane society had set a shelter for animals so the people could see how that would work. They were asked to bring their pets in.
Our dogs were well received all enjoyed their presents and good behavior.

Agency: Emergency Preparedness planner for Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management

Serena Vogel , Janice Mann &Lucus, Shirely Abbott & Lyrrik,Ann Ringler & Kara, Lee Fernholz & Grace