Southwest Montana COAD mtg., Bozeman, Montana

Start Date: 12/18/2019


Here are the basic areas covered in today's meeting:
1. Welcome and introduction of both First Response and COAD agencies' representatives that were attending.
2. Minutes to the November 20, 2019 were approved.
3. New Business - Patrick Lonergan, Gallatin County Emergency Manager, passed around copies of Annex M: Resource & Donations Management to be reviewed by COAD members. This "Annex" is under annual review and Patrick requested that we respond by early January if we have any suggestions or recommendations for changes.
4. The rest of the meeting was devoted to discussing "Lessons Learned" at last month's Table Top Exercise. Everyone had a chance to share their review to the group. Basic areas noted were:
******improving on a clearer chain of communication and command as the event unfolds
******define COAD leadership and conveyance of information (from top-down and then back up to leadership as the event. The Incident Commander is only going to want to talk to "COAD leader"....NOT individuals from various responding organizations.
******donations of both physical and financial will be handles separately
******some discussion was recognizing that home prepared "food" offering were likely going to come in from the community, regardless of how community news is broadcasted to "Not Do So" need to discuss how best to handle those types of donations needs further discussion

OVERALL Concensus of the TTex: A good place to start particularly in the initial "call to action" sent by county First Response and the first few hours of this particular disaster unfolded. Our next one needs to have more depth and more of our organizations in attendance on the day of the drill!

There were about a dozen people attending today's meeting.

Our next meeting will be held at the Gallatin County Coordination Center (at the Fairgrounds in Bozeman) on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

Agency: SW MT COAD