Southwest Montana COAD mtg./ Mass Care Sub-Committee

Start Date: 12/03/2019


Today was my first day of attendance (on behalf of HOPE AACR) for this sub-committee, Mass Care, of the SW MT COAD.

The purpose of this meeting was to debrief a recent Table Top Exercise conducted at the last SW MT COAD meeting on November 20, 2019. Other organizations attending included: Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Gallatin Valley YMCA, Child Care Connections, and Gallatin Food Bank.

Kristin Horn (CCC) is the committee chairperson and she conducted today's meeting. Kristin called the meeting to order and:
1. verified each organization attending today of receipt of the Gallatin County's Notification system activated on Nov. 19th regarding the TTex
2. Kristin reviewed what the TTex scenario was
3. She then asked what each of us would have to consider about our own safety, well being, and family needs prior to us being able to respond to a crisis.
4. Once that was done we began to debrief the resource availability of each organization, and what/how we might each respond through the "chain of command" that we are trying to build within the entire SWMT COAD and they in turn with Incident Command Structure of the disaster.
5. Questions that still need to be ironed out include: How will Gallatin County's 211 will be involved and how we as a group work with them?
6. Action Items include: updating Kristin with HOPE AACR's local area contact info as well as our current RD's contact information.
7. Their next meeting will be in two months: February 11, 2020 at Child Care Connections

Agency: SW MT COAD