Washington Navy Yard -- Wellness and Safety Day (or something like that)

Start Date: 2019/08/28

Description: We have been invited to attend, and participated, for several years now. The event is held in Building 197, in the gathering area just outside the employee cafeteria. This is the same open area used years ago in the shootings there. We were major players back in that disaster, so when ever we were asked "So what does your dog do", while not wanting to bring up any old bad feelings, they could all relate to our services and therefore our mission. Very warm receptions, from people just stopping by, to those hearing that we were there, and coming down just to see us. While security can always be a challenge there, our contact had us fill out paper work well in advance, met us at the security building, directed us to parking that had been arranged for us, guided us through building security, and made sure we had the set up that we had discussed. The first person to stop by to meet and greet, with a huge entourage surrounding, wore three stars on his shoulder. We were being welcomed by their vice-admiral. We are always a welcome member of their support "family". Our Shih Tzu were calm as usual (in "power save mode"), and Lisa and Spumoni were are great "opposite end of the spectrum". At least size wise. Everything went great. Thanks.

Agency: Washington Navy Yard
Teams: Shellie Goldstein and Emma / Lisa Marino and Spumoni