Women Veterans Forum

Start Date: 2021-10-30

Description: The American Baptist Women’s Ministries of Rhode Island held a Mission and Service Ministries Day focused on women veterans and the faith community. Guest speakers included a representative from Operation Stand Down Rhode Island who spoke about the challenges women veterans endure while deployed and when they return home. The day also included a brief history of women in the military, a presentation of three Quilts of Valor to female veterans, and bible study and devotions. Rafter and I were invited to attend the forum and give a brief presentation on HOPE AACR. I met the event organizer at the Boots on the Ground for Heroes Memorial, and she was extremely impressed with HOPE's mission and Rafter's effect on the people who met him. My presentation included the EUS video, and photos from a selection of HOPE AACR’s higher profile deployments with a special emphasis the work we have done to support the military. The audience seemed interested and engaged, asking very thoughtful questions at the conclusion of the presentation. Rafter did a fantastic job as an ambassador for HOPE AACR and was so happy to be out working! This was a wonderful, well-organized event. Rafter and I received a warm welcome from everyone in attendance and I thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Agency: American Baptist Women’s Ministries of Rhode Island
Teams: None