Wythe Co. Comm. Hospital

Start Date: 2022-01-20

Description: I received a call at the first of the month from Patty Thomas at Wythe Co. Community Hospital. She had gotten my name from Betty Elmore, the Marketing Director for both Wythe Hospital and Galax Hospital. She asked me if I could bring Willa to visit with their staff. The staff was feeling overwhelmed because of the stress with Covid. (New River Health District is all red. WCCH is in this district.) We had gone over safe procedures when we talked on the phone. It' s been a while since Willa and I have been able to work with first responders; this was one of the most appreciative groups with which Willa and I have ever worked. I couldn't count the numbers of "thank you" we received; there were multiple ones from each person. We visited with 30 staff members.

Agency: Wythe Co. Comm. Hospital
Teams: none