Directions for Completing Form:

  • Occurrences are any event that is not consistent with the routine operation of the organization; they represent an opportunity for improvement of services.
  • All incident reports should be reviewed with your supervisor as soon as possible and forwarded to the President within 24 hours of the occurrence. If a major incident occurs (for example, a dog bite), this should be reported to your supervisor and to the President immediately. The president can be contacted at any time by calling
    877-HOPE-K9s (877-467-3597).
  • If information in any category isn’t available, please note this on the form.
  • If multiple individuals/dogs are involved in an occurrence, the individuals may either complete one form that everyone signs or multiple forms signed by each individual. Please assure that the information reflects your direct understanding of the events (not hearsay) before you submit the form.

Occurrence Report Form