Press Release: Fundraising Hope Across America Walk comes to Georgetown, Texas

Press Release: Fundraising Hope Across America Walk comes to Georgetown, Texas

Tina Jones for Hope AACR • November 15, 2023 • Add Comment0

SUBJECT: Fundraising Hope Across America Walk arriving in Georgetown, TX

Michelle Breach and her dog Kip, volunteer members of Hope Animal-Assisted Crisis Response, a national, all volunteer non-profit organization in the US and Canada, began their Hope Across America Walk on Saturday, September 9, 2023, in California to raise funds for Hope AACR. Since that day they have walked over 1,300 miles and expect to arrive in Georgetown, Texas this weekend.

Michelle is being supported by her husband Peter who is driving the van and chauffeuring Kip when he needs a break from walking. Hope AACR members across the country are following virtually and some plan to meet Michelle and Kip along the way for support and encouragement. Follow virtually at: HOPE Across America Walk

About Hope Animal-Assisted Crisis Response: Hope AACR’s mission is “To provide comfort and encouragement through animal-assisted support to individuals affected by crises and disasters.” Hope has close to 300 all-volunteer teams in the US, including members in Texas, and Canada! They regularly visit hospitals, schools, libraries and other local facilities to lift people’s spirits. HOPE AACR has been serving people affected by disasters and traumatic events, free of charge, since 2001. We are proud of the great work our teams do! We have been deployed by FEMA, Red Cross, community Office of Emergency Management teams and local schools and first responders across the US to help in the aftermath of fires, floods, landslides and manmade disasters.