Michelle and Kip Conclude “Walk Across America” Fundraiser

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Michelle and Kip Conclude “Walk Across America” Fundraiser for HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response in Jekyll Island, GA

[EUGENE, OR January 18] — Michelle, accompanied by her devoted canine partner Kip, is set to complete their remarkable “Walk Across America” journey in Jekyll Island, GA, around January 18th. This incredible endeavor was undertaken to raise funds for HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response (HOPE AACR), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing crucial support through animal-assisted interventions during crises.

Despite facing challenges such as unpredictable weather and other factors, Michelle’s determination and Kip’s loyal companionship have propelled them through this epic journey. Kip has served in many roles during this journey, as copilot to Michelle’s husband who pilots the van, as support for Michelle as she rests after each day of walks, joining her for parts of her walks and meeting up with people along the way. The conclusion of their walk is anticipated to be a celebratory event, with several HOPE AACR members planning to be present to welcome Michelle and Kip upon their arrival.

This incredible ‘Walk Across America’ journey isn’t just about showcasing the amazing bond between humans and canines—it’s also about expanding the healing power of animal-assisted interventions. Throughout this adventure, generous donations have been flowing in, and now, as they approach the finish line, we’re aiming for an epic finale! Public support helps HOPE AACR make a difference in bringing comfort and compassion to those who need it most. Join us for the final stretch and let’s make it a heartwarming finish together!

While the exact arrival date may shift, the conclusion of this journey symbolizes a significant achievement in the ongoing efforts to support HOPE AACR’s mission.

For more information about HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response and to contribute to the cause, please visit https://www.hopeaacr.org/

About HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response (HOPE AACR): HOPE AACR’s mission is “To provide comfort and encouragement through animal-assisted support to individuals affected by crises and disasters.” In partnership with FEMA, Red Cross, community Office of Emergency Management teams and local schools and first responders across the US, HOPE’s close to 300 all-volunteer teams in the US and Canada regularly visit hospitals, schools, libraries and other local facilities to lift people’s spirits. With a focus on community healing, HOPE AACR has been serving people affected by disasters and traumatic events, free of charge, since 2001.

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